An Ode to my Bed

A queen sized place of peace, my blue jersey sheets, seven pillows (not counting the large one that is shoved between the wall and my bed), my blue and white comforter that has been with me since sophomore year of high school (and the white is slowly turning into a pale shade of beige) , the string lights above that hold pictures of me and some of my favorite people, tickets from events, and postcards of places I’d love to go and people who influence me, odd knick-knacks hang on the wall. These are the first things I hung up when I moved in a little over a year ago, things that made this room feel like home. All of these things contribute to the one place in the world that will always be familiar regardless of the toll time takes on it.

The bed is probably the most important space in a home based solely on the amount of time we spend in it, on average over  229,961 hours. I feel like a bed is a very intimate space, you learn a lot about someone from their sleep habits. I for one have to have my fan on, it has to be completely dark, I need it to be fairly cool, and most of all I have to be comfortable and relaxed.

I spend a lot of my time in my bed, weather it be typing, sleeping, crying, doing homework, hanging out with friends, processing emotions, listening to music, writing poems, or even sorting through things. My bed has seen me in the most raw forms of emotions. May it be happiness, sadness, heartbreak, joy, fear, my bed has seen it all. For these things I love and appreciate my bed. I  think one of the things I will miss most about the brick and mortar home I live in, will be my bed. It’s over-sized, cozy, and it was the first place that ever felt like a safe, comfortable, and accepting home.

I have spent a lot more time in my bed recently. It has not only served as a place of comfort but also a place in which I can escape from the realities of the change that is happening around me. As you all know I started this blog in preparation to transition to a new school, with this transition has come a lot of emotions that my bed has helped me cope with. I have always been fearful of the unknown, but I am more afraid now than ever before. You never truly understand the physical side affects of stress until you are experiencing them. I think over the past two months my body has gone through a lot of trauma. I have had no appetite, an awful sleep schedule, and I experienced quiet a bit of hair loss. These side effects only made the stress worse. It can be hard to just let go of things and allow the universe to sort things out, but in doing so I am finding relief.

Sincerely, d.h.

P.S. The album suggestion for this post is Coco- Summer Sessions by Colbie Caillat

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