Hi, My name is Destiny Hope,

Most people call me Des. I love big dogs (expect pictures and posts of my Great Pyrenees, Blue) , lemonade, good food, anything to do with theatre, road trips, ice cream, music (I will try and do an album suggestion at the end of every post) , spontaneity, mindfulness, being intentional, and encouraging people to live their truth. Now despite loving and being interested in all of these for mentioned things, I’m not always the best at practicing these things, so I’m starting this blog to encourage not only myself, but hopefully others.  I am 18 (19 on July 28th!!), and as exciting as growing up is I have come to a major crossroads in my life.

I am an incoming sophomore transferring from a community college to a four year university. Now you are probably thinking “Des, that sounds exciting!’ and yes it is, but its also terrifying.  I will not only be moving out for the first time, but I will be moving away from all of my family. Growing up I have lived in the same town my whole life which just so happens to be the same town that all of my great grandparents, my grand parents, my great aunts and uncles, my aunts and uncles, and a lot of my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins live in. Obviously family is a big deal to us. This move has been pretty stress inducing despite having known about it since January. You would think that 8 months would give me plenty of time to mentally prepare, yet here I am stressing  about all of the uncertainties and adventures I’m about to experience.

Regardless of how scary this maybe, I’m looking at this as an opportunity to work on myself. In the next three years to come I hope to become the best version of myself I can possibly be. I will learn so much about myself and the world that we live in. I hope to say yes more often, I hope to learn to love myself for everything I will never be, I hope to prioritize what I want in regards to what the people around me want, I hope to grow and expand and experience and learn, and most of all I hope to find happiness and comfort in the unfamiliar.

Sincerely, d.h

P.S. The featured image was taken by my lovely friend Sam, you can check his work out at https://samuelzitelli.atavist.com/zitelli_photography

P.P.S. The music suggestion today is Rex Orange County https://open.spotify.com/artist/7pbDxGE6nQSZVfiFdq9lOL

2 thoughts on “Hello.

  1. You will soar like a strong eagle.
    You are sensible, kind, compassionate, intelligent and thoughtful…
    Yes.. it won’t always be perfect. Some days will be harder than others..but that’s ok..that’s how we learn and grow.
    I’m so excited for this new chapter in the story of your life. Live each day to its fullest potential.
    You’ve got this girl..

    Liked by 1 person

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